Block Printing

After our trip to Jaipur in January, we thought you might like to know a bit more about the traditional art of block printing.

Mossberry stocks products from Anokhi (clothes, gifts and homewares) who make the most wonderful use of this technique, the reason we picked Anokhi as one of our suppliers is because for more than 30 years, Anokhi’s ideals have been those of conservation and development, through the input of design, marketing and project funding. The Company is well known as an alternative role model for good business practices, and the ongoing revival of traditional textile skills.

These craftsmen have kept the three-centuries-old tradition of block printing alive and kicking in Rajasthan. and they are completely eco-friendly; they first treat the cloth with Fuller’s earth got from the riverside and then soak it in haldi (turmeric) water to get the traditional cream coloured background. Only then do they stamp the cloth with beautifully patterned blocks of wood using natural dyes of earthy hues. Blue is got from indigo, greens from indigo mixed with pomegranate rinds, red from madder root and yellow from turmeric.

Below are some photos of Block Printing: